Bridget Conn

Language Acquisition

The Art Institute of Atlanta

Featuring work by: Bridget Conn

Bridget Conn's chemigrams are made with silver gelatin paper, in normal room lighting, by applying oil-based resists and typical darkroom chemistry. The marks she makes directly on the paper are not pre-meditated. The process weaves her concerns of the evolution of photography as a physical and chemical medium with mark-making as an intuitive act. Conn aims to create a personalized symbolism through her marks, whether the pieces are immediate responses on paper, or constructed mappings in her collages. Each one is a language she reads through line, color, and texture that is indicative of steps involved in the chemigram process, as well as the instinctive gesture itself. They satisfy years of concern over the missing physical mark of the artist, and address her contemporary desire to work with a medium that she can’t fully control. Each piece bends at least in part to mystery, given the endless variables involved – a welcome circumstance given our society’s immediate access to constant correct answers. Conn's work responds to analog photography for its inherent chemical properties and future potential, rather than the sentimentality of its past.

Exhibition Sep 20 - Nov 17

Artist's Reception Oct 04 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Art Institute of Atlanta

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Friday, October 4th 6pm-9pm