Spencer Sloan - "Christian Bale Out For Breakfast in Santa Monica, July 20, 2015"
Beth Lilly - "Rhythm & Flow Series"
Peter Essick - "Clermont Hotel Sign"
Andrew Herzog - "Walking Line In The Valley In Crimora"

Choice, Chance & Circumstance

Spalding Nix Fine Art

Featuring work by: Peter Essick, Andrew Herzog, Beth Lilly, Spencer Sloan

“Choice, Chance & Circumstance” explores new approaches in 21st century fine art photography. From glitch apps to drones, these artists are using the latest tools to expand our ideas about taking & processing photographs.

By digitally manipulating hi-res paparazzi photographs into pure abstraction, Sloan explores the obsession with celebrity culture, the invasion of privacy & the complex issues of ownership of image, appropriation & copyright.

Lilly's conceptually driven projects speculate on the interplay of choice, chance & circumstance. Her new work includes a series of photographs of natural elements rearranged into gridded patterns that evoke the urge in nature to connect & evolve.

Essick creates photographs that move beyond mere documentation to reveal, in careful compositions, the human impact of development, as well as the enduring power of the land.

Herzog creates a variety of works that explore the relationship between the viewer & the artist with themes of accessibility & prioritized sight, often taking the form of photographs, books, drawings & site-specific sculptures. His on-going series of photographs “Walking Lines,” utilizes a drone to capture his walking as a form of mark making.

Opening Reception Sep 13 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Exhibition Sep 13 - Nov 01

Artist's Talk Sep 18 6:30PM

Artist's Talk Oct 04 6:30PM

Artist's Talk Oct 17 6:30PM - 8:30PM

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Mon-Fri: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Artist's talk on Sept. 18 will be from Peter Essick.
Artist's talk on Oct. 4 will be from Andrew Herzog.
Artist's talk on Oct. 17 will be from Beth Lilly.